Making sense of Coronavirus

The Covid-19 emergency is far more than a public health crisis. It calls into question the assumptions of meaning, identity and purpose which underpin the Western way of life – the very same assumptions which drive social and environmental breakdown.

It is already a truism that the world will never be the same again. But decisions made now will determine how it will change – and in what ways that change will be for better or worse.

Covid-19 has revealed the fragility of the current Western dream – and yet climate breakdown, relentless loss of biodiversity, and unchecked polarisation and inequality had already pushed our civilisation to a tipping point.

Now the regime of social distancing has shaken many of us out of our routines. Suddenly we have been given the gift of critical distance from everything we took for granted. There will be no better time than this to make the courageous choices on which future generations depend.

Radical Presence offers opportunities to make those choices, individually and as a society, in light of the Gospel.

You are very welcome to join this emergence to the post-pandemic age. Share in mapping the journey to a more just and sustainable future. And together let’s us help our nation and the world make wise choices at this critical time.

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