“A really good course, with a huge amount of creative interaction and debate. I am thoroughly enjoying the discussions, the interesting people and being challenged in both faith and practice” – Staffan

“The advance prep is very useful, the liturgy is beautiful, the questions for discussion are meaningful and feel there is plenty of time to explore ideas in greater depth” – Liz

You are very welcome to participate in Radical Presence. There are two ways to get involved:

  • Join a weekly group with members of Green Christian using Zoom, Sunday evenings at 7.00 from 1 November 2020. If you can’t make it then, you can register for a future round.
  • Alternatively, run it with your church, network or organisation using the video-conferencing platform of your choice.

You’ll need a computer, tablet or smartphone, but if you do not have one of these there is also an option to join with a landline or simple mobile phone.

Weekly meetings will address the following themes.

  1. Womb:  Shelter of the most high God
  2. Jordan: Threshold of freedom
  3. Kairos:  Moment of truth
  4. Flesh:  The vulnerable body of Christ
  5. Contagion:  Curse or mercy?
  6. Tomb:  awaiting resurrection
  7. Emmaus: distance and embrace

In preparation we will each read the material on the pages listed above – perhaps, if we can, spending time reflecting on them. Then each meeting will follow a similar format.

  • We’ll start with welcomes, an introduction to theme of the session and a short liturgy and scripture reading
  • If we’re in a large group, we’ll break out into fours or fives
  • We’ll introduce ourselves, perhaps with a few words about who we are or how the past week has gone
  • We’ll share responses to the material chosen for the week, and consider their challenge to the world we have known
  • We’ll trace the outline of a world to come, and make plans for our own part in it
  • After perhaps sharing our conclusions with the larger group, we’ll close with a short time of prayer and intercession
  • After the session we will be able see the conclusions other groups have reached.