The journey does not end with session 7 – ‘Stay with us’, as the companions said on the road to Emmaus. As a member of the wider Green Christian community, you can see the work we have started together through to completion.

Participants in Radical Presence tell us they gain three benefits from taking part. Through Green Christian we’re coming together to realise those benefits for the long haul:

  • Nurture:  Nourishing the roots of our discipleship, drawing on scripture, spirituality and theology, and supporting each other’s practice.  We’re developing the Radical Presence formula for ongoing shared prayer, study, reflection and action.
  • Focus: Crafting and maintaining a compelling, integrated vision for the way our churches, the nation and the world in the aftermath of the pandemic.  Through Joy in Enough we’re curating and popularising ideas which resource people to tell a story of a future.
  • Action:  Equipping ourselves, each other and our churches, through lobbying and lifestyle, to bring about a sustainable, just and compassionate world.  Green Christian can help you organise a group on a topic or campaign which interests you.

Next steps with Green Christian

Here is a selection of ways you can continue the journey with fellow participants and the wider Green Christian movement.

  • The Green Christian Way of Life offers four disciplines to help Christians live out their faith: daily prayer, gentle lifestyle, public witness and mutual encouragement. Members of Green Christian can join as Companions of the Way of Life Community.
  • Joy in Enough is a challenge to Christians in Britain, and an invitation to all people of good will, to join in building a just economy within the ecological limits of the Earth.
  • Borrowed Time offers transformative pastoral care in the climate and ecological emergency. As more and more people experience grief and anxiety about environmental breakdown, we are bringing people together to take a journey through them, and discover in those feelings their power for change.