The aim of Radical Presence is to engage Christians and fellow seekers in creative inquiry, both prayerful and critical, about the kind of society we want to build as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over seven interactive sessions the programme provides Bible readings and reflections, resources from media and research, and questions for discussion to encourage prayer, thinking and advocacy.

Participating in Radical Presence will help you:

  • develop your understanding of the pandemic and its immediate and long term consequences, from both social and spiritual perspectives
  • raise awareness in churches, society and the wider world of lessons to be learned
  • ensure that the experience of the pandemic is used to help society respond to other crises the world faces, particularly the climate emergency.

Whether meeting through Green Christian or their own churches or organisations, Radical Presence provides an opportunity for groups to help each other grow spiritually and intellectually and enrich their relationships and common purpose.