Covid-19 is forcing existential questions upon us: not only about our own survival or that of our loved ones, but about the deepest values on which our society is founded.  Will our civilisation get back to normal? Or was normal already finished? What kind of community are we learning to be? What kind of work really matters? When confinement is over, how do we want to emerge?

Radical Presence is a short programme of conversations, in which we’ll listen for God’s word in this time between worlds.  We invite you to meet fellow Christians, online or by telephone. We will hear from contemporary writers reflecting on the Coronavirus pandemic.  We will let this time of social distancing change us, for the sake of the world.

We have a choice between what is easy, and what is necessary – for ourselves, the common good and future generations.  One thing is sure: if we are to make such a choice, now is the time to be making it.

What participants are saying

“Enjoying the preparatory reading which is all very stimulating. No idea how I would find these resources any other way. Very valuable; can’t wait to run our own course” – Sandie

“It is wonderful to meet other believers with a common interest and a passion for transforming our society – from so many different backgrounds” – Andrew

Radical Presence is a project of Green Christian